Advancing work safety for pest control workers

Contact person: Dr. Antonios Michaelakis
Address: Stefanou Delta 8, 14561, Kifissia, Greece
Τel: +30 210 8180248
Fax: +30 210 8077506
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Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI) is a non-profit, Public Entity Research Institute founded in 1929. Researchers with expertise in entomology, plant pathology (including non-parasitic disorders), weed science, chemistry, toxicology and pesticides control conduct fundamental and applied research related to crop protection and safe use of pesticides for human health and the environment. The core activities of the Institute are to diagnose problems in agriculture, acquire knowledge and provide advice for the prevention and control of plant insect pests/diseases in regard to key EU Directives concerning the protection of the environment and the consumers. BPI is the Reference Institute in the country for the phytosanitary control of quarantine pests and monitoring of pesticide residues in agricultural commodities. BPI staff participates in several research projects (EU funded, Bilateral, National) and expert groups (EU-International Organizations, National Mandated Bodies), and in training and consultancy services to Ministry of Rural Development and Food, agronomists, farmers and traders. Particularly for mosquitoes, BPI is specialized in taxonomy, bioecology and management and entomologist experts are participating in many committees of Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and Ministry of Rural Development and Food about mosquitos’ management guidelines.

The Department of Entomology and Agricultural Zoology conducts research on the morphology, systematics, phylogeny, biodiversity, zoogeography, spatial distribution, biology, ecology and behavior of insects, mites, and nematodes of economic importance. The Department is the scientific leader of the national project for the quarantine pests in Greece (National program funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food). Researchers of the Department contribute to BPI’s plant-protection mission through the application of Integrated Pest Management Innovations in agriculture or biological control methods. A series of insect, mite and nematode cultures are kept in the insectaries for experimentation. Several research competitive projects have or are being carried out by the staff of the Department in the frame of LIFE+, FP-7, EU projects such as Hellenic Aid, national projects, other projects funded by the Hellenic General Secretariat of Research and Technology (e.g. Bilateral, AKMON, PAVET, Excellence, Archimides III). Researchers of the Department participate in expert working groups of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) for developing Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for non-indigenous species and their impact to the environment. In addition, services have been provided to stakeholders such as Industry, Agricultural Cooperatives, and public authorities.

The Department of Pesticides Control & Phytopharmacy (DPC&P) was established in 1977, and the scope of its activities has been continuously enhanced and developed ever since. Today, DPC&P is a reservoir of knowledge and expertise across all subjects and scientific issues related to the use of pesticides (Plant Protection Products, or PPPs), weed science and Biocidal Products (BPs). Its main objective is the control, research and evaluation of PPPs and BPs in terms of their efficacy, physicochemical properties and safety for humans, animals and the environment. These activities follow mainly from BPI’s role as a mandated body for the evaluation of PPPs and BPs at both national and European level. The DPC&P also implements a large number of research projects related mainly to human, environmental and food safety, maintaining the quality of the natural environment, and the sustainable and safe use of PPPs. The Department also trains subject-matter professionals, including farmers, agronomists and analysts. The scientific activities of the DPC&P staff extend well beyond the walls of the Institute, thanks to their active participation in scientific groups of international bodies (e.g. European Food Safety Authority, Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development) and partnerships with research and academic institutes in other countries. Regarding the biocidal products in particular, the evaluators of the DPC&P are the national representatives in the working groups of the Biocidal Products Committee of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

for Future-oriented
Work Design
Contact person: Petra Laabs
Address: IZAG GmbH, Seinfeldstraße 3, 39174 Barleben, Germany
Τel: +49 177 6269640
Fax: +49 3944 902026
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IZAG - Your companion on the road to good corporate culture.

The Institute for Future-oriented Work Design (IZAG) is a non-profit limited company and follows the guidelines of future-oriented work design in small and medium-sized enterprises. IZAG works in INQA, the German “Initiative New Quality of Work” initiated by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs together with social partners.

In the strategic fields of activity

  • Human resources management,
  • Equal opportunities & Diversity,
  • Health,
  • Knowledge & competence

IZAG is developing integrated concepts, projects, products and services as well as proposals for education and advanced training.

IZAG is therefore coordinating and super-vising the INQA regional networks in Saxony Anhalt:

  • Small Business Booster Saxony Anhalt
  • Good Building Booster Saxony Anhalt
  • German Demography Network Saxony Anhalt
  • Care Network Saxony Anhalt

The non-profit company also initiates the start-up of new networks. There are many questions and solution requirements you are facing as owner or managing director of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) now and in future:

  • You want to establish modern working structures in your company and need help?
  • You want to invest into innovative technologies and like to get distinct consultancy?
  • You are in search of professionally experienced employees?
  • You want to implement a company health management and need appropriate partner?

For you it will hardly be possible to solve all problems on your own? So, just contact us at and ask for our range of services!

Small Business Booster network / Saxony Anhalt

Sustainable Human resources management follows on the one hand the individual needs of employees and on the other hand the requirements of companies against the back-ground of an more and more ageing society.

If you want to walk new roads regarding the design of work organization and of working time we are able to give you and your employees new suggestions and to support you implementing a competitive human resources management.

Good Building Booster network / Saxony Anhalt

You know that in a coalescent Europe staff and cultural diversity is a significant contribution to your business competitiveness.

We show you new roads of experience ex-change with entrepreneurs from all over Europe and how your apprentices and employees will benefit from equal opportunities and diversity, e.g. by internships abroad.

Demography Network / Saxony Anhalt

Employees of long standing are part of business success. Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises need healthy and capable staff, which indeed applies also to the company’s head!

We show you and your employees methods and measurements for a sustainable company health management system which is stimulating health and countervails liabilities. We also support you to establish such systems with convenient tools.

Care Network / Saxony Anhalt

Staff knowledge and competences on the one hand and quality of business management depend on each other. This is the formula for success of each enterprise.

Acquisition and dissemination of both, know-ledge and experience are permanent challenges to keep acquired specialist knowledge and a well-founded treasure trove of experience inside the company.

KNOWL Social Enterprise
for lifelong learning
Contact person: Dr. Ioannis Salamouris
Address: 335 Acharnon str, 11145, Athens, Greece
Τel: +30 210 8312868
Web Page:

What is knowl?
Knowl is a social enterprise aiming to expand the knowledge capital and make the 'knowledge society' more inclusive.

Why knowl is innovative?
Because it brings together the academic, entrepreneurial and research communities at an interdisciplinary level and develops integrated pedagogical models encompassing a wide socioeconomic spectrum.

What we do at knowl?
We provide education and training in a wide range of topics, by exploiting the expertise of educators, academics, instructors, consultants and diverse social actors from various fields like lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and business, creative and cultural industries etc.

How we do it?
We design training material and implement face-to-face workshops and webinars with a special focus on the needs of social groups at risk, as well as companies, organisations and individuals. As a social enterprise, knowl is taking account of the different socio-economic factors of our target groups such as financial resources, educational and cultural background, providing flexible enrolment patterns, and producing socially redeeming value for all.

Municipality of Athens
Vocational Training Centre
Contact person: Ms Antigoni Katsafylloudi
Address: Favierou 5 & Mayer, 10438, Athens, Greece
Τel: +30 210 5221177
Fax: +30 210 5221140
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The Municipality of Athens Vocational Training Centre S.A. (KEK DA), established in 1995, is operating as a private enterprise with main shareholder the Municipality of Athens in order to support activities that promote the development of human resources and the enhancement of professional capabilities. These goals are achieved through training programs and continuing training. KEK DA is certified in 9 fields by the “National Organization Certification Qualifications & Guidance” of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection (KEK DA Code 12101065): Environment, Health and Welfare, Culture and Sports, Education, Economics and Management, Informatics Technology, Tourism, Agriculture, Technical Support and Transportation.

KEK DA has participated in European programs as well as Leonardo and Equal, in programs co financed by Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (NSRF National Strategy Reference Framework) and Ministry of Interior (EIF European Integration Fund) and also in programs for unemployment by Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare. The educational activity of KEK DA has been included in the annual report (2012) of Ministry of Education’s General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning for the Lifelong Learning in Greece.

KEK DA is focused on certain target groups –such as employees of Municipality of Athens, unemployed people, vulnerable social groups- on the matters of job training, studies and development actions. KEK DA is certified as an E.C.D.L. test centre and a Training Adult Trainers test centre. Furthermore is certified by “Technological Chamber” for Energy Inspectors Seminars and also by “Centre for Security Studies” for security employees’ seminars. During the period 2011-2013 KEK DA implemented 128 training programs for 164 unemployed people, 693 employees of Municipality of Athens, 352 employees of other municipal organizations and enterprises and 1406 trainees from other groups (in total 2.615 trainees).

KEK DA’s staff consists of Manager - Training Director, Training Moderator, Responsible Socially vulnerable groups, Administrative and Educational staff.

Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs
Contact person:
Kyriacos E. Georgiou
Senior Administrative Officer
Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs
University of Nicosia
Τel: +357 22841600
Fax: +357 22357964
Contact person:
Stephanie Christou
Research Fellow
Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs
University of Nicosia
Τel: +357 22841600
Fax: +357 22357964
Contact person:
Irene Elia
Research Fellow
Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs
University of Nicosia
Τel: +357 22841600
Fax: +357 22357964

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (CCEIA) is an independent non-profit-making research center and think-tank, associated with the University of Nicosia. Since its establishment in 1993 the Center (formerly known as Research Center-Intercollege), has sought to advance research, contribute to the study and analysis of important economic, political, social and strategic issues of concern to Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the European Union at large.

The Unit of Environmental Studies (CCEIA – UES) is a semiautonomous unit of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affair. The Unit has established a strong record of research and advocacy in Cyprus with strong links and cooperation with reputable European institutions for devising and implementing of various environmental projects. Such projects often run under the local Research Promotion Foundation, European Union programmes such as Leonardo, INTERREG, MEDURBS, Youth for Europe, EUMEDIS, FP5, FP6, FP7 etc. It participates in various programmes funded by international organizations such as UNDP/UNOPS, WWF, etc.

The main thrust of its activities revolves around the engagement in national and international research projects, the organization of international symposia, conferences, round-table discussions, seminars, as well as the publication of books, policy-papers, studies, conference papers and research reports. The Center aims to enhance strategic thinking in Cyprus, encourage debate and analysis of current affairs and other issues, promote a constructive dialogue and create lasting partnerships. With the support of a wide network of top academics and experts in Cyprus and overseas and the participation in EU and other research programs and projects, the Center seeks to advance quality scientific research, provide comprehensive and incisive analyses of current and other critical issues and affairs and pursue a fruitful academic and public debate.

The CCEIA’s staff has combined expertise on projects in the disciplines of political science, sociology, social anthropology, international and European affairs, environmental science, economics and business. They have coordinated, participated and implemented numerous local and international research projects including LLP, Interreg, MED, Civil Society and FP7s.

Futura Soc.Cons.r.l
Contact person: Federica Ragazzi
Address: Via Bologna 96/e, 40017 S.Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), Italy
Τel: +39 051 6811491 / +39 051 6811411
Fax: +39 051 6811406
Web Page:

Futura Soc.Cons.r.l is a Public Company for Vocational Training and Local Community Development. Today 18 municipalities are in partnership with F. and it has become the operational arm of these Public Bodies of the Bologna’ Province. F. is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified and has been accredited by Emilia Romagna Region to carry out education and training initiatives in the areas of Compulsory Education and Continuing and Permanent Education . From 2010 Futura is developing an European Division to give to Municipalities a technical support in European programmes. This Division made 3 agreements with 3 different territory to analyse their needs and problems for making European projects that involve at the same time many municipalities with a close local network.

In the environmental field we work together with the “Agriculture and Environmental Centre” (CAA) and collaborates with it in the training paths for agriculturist through the “Catalogo Verde” (FEASR –European funds).

Centro Agricoltura
“G. Nicoli” Srl
Contact person: Romeo Bellini
Address: Via Argini Nord 3351, 40014 Crevalcore (BO), Italy
Τel: +39 051 6802211
Fax: +39 051 981908
Web Page:

The Centro Agricoltura Ambiente “G. Nicoli” (CAA) in Crevalcore, Italy, is a technical institution founded in 1989 by the Bologna Province and a group of Municipalities, focusing on key aspects in environmental management and protection such as medical & veterinary entomology, sustainable agriculture, organic waste management, creation and restoration of natural protected areas, pollen investigation, environmental information (for more information please see at

The Medical & Veterinary Entomology Dept. (head by Dr. Romeo Bellini) has developed a strong expertise in blood-sucking arthropods and urban pests ecology and in the most advanced integrated environment-friendly surveillance and control technologies. CAA is a founding member of the European Mosquito Control Association. Currently CAA started a BL3 entomology laboratory devoted to the study of arbovirus ecology and Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) methods. CAA has been designed as a International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) Collaborating Centre (2011-2015) in the field of SIT applied to Aedes mosquitoes.

Main topics of research activities are:

  • studies on the vectorial capacity of vector species;
  • studies on the population genetics and biology of Aedes albopictus;
  • field testing of Aedes albopictus surveillance strategies and monitoring methods;
  • development of SIT methods aimed at the suppression of Aedes albopictus;
  • risk assessment studies in order to identify tolerance threshold for vector species;
  • web application development for management of vector borne diseases (VBD) surveillance and control systems;
  • development of specific tools for the management of monitoring and pest control activities and mapping in the ArcView 3.x environment and for Mobile GIS (ArcPad);
  • development of species distribution model and viruses circulation maps using remote sensing images;
  • development of web-gis open source (mapserver and pmapper) and geographical application based on Google Map APIs and OpenLayer;
  • cost/benefit analyses of mosquito surveillance and control programmes.

CAA collaborates with a wide range of international agencies, Universities, Public bodies and commercial firms. Currently the Medical & Veterinary Entomology Dept. has a director, 9 full time (of which 4 post doctorate and 6 graduate) and 4 part time technicians.

RnDO Ltd.
Contact person:
Ms Natassa Economou
EU Implementation Officer

Address: Stassinou 44-46, Flat 46, 2003 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Τel: +357 22 479347
Web Page:

RNDO is a modern think tank of innovation, action and practice. It is a company that implements innovation! R&DO makes the difference when it comes to the design and development of integrated IT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software applications. Our goal is the continuous development and commercialization of innovative ideas in the form of products and services that are mainly based on ICT.

The experienced team of R&Do is well known for the conceptualisation, design and implementation of innovative ideas, applications and projects, which - amongst others - promote development and innovation, support the green economy, contribute to employability and respond to current social needs. Our strong point lies in the design and implementation of communication strategies and activities of dissemination and publicity in both traditional and digital media, as well as at the initiation of and participation in co-funded European projects focusing on research and innovation. Our key activities range from the fields of IT services, to those of Digital awareness and Research & Consulting.

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